4.2 cu.ft. White Top Load Washing Machine/Electric Dryer

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Weekly Price: $31.99
Monthly Price:
Monthly Price: $127.96
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Cash Price: $1663.48
Term: 104 weeks

Give clothes a deep and gentle clean with the Whirlpool high efficiency washer with agitator. The two-way wash action agitator and stainless steel washer drum turn in opposite directions, moving fabrics smoothly through the wash. The Quick Wash cycle washes small loads with high spin speeds removing more water. This auto sensing washer also regulates water levels based on load size.  Run the clean washer with A fresh cycle every 30 washes with an a fresh washing machine Cleaner tablet or liquid chlorine bleach to thoroughly clean the inside of your washer. The dryer 
Ensure that every load is evenly dried with the AccuDry sensor drying system that measures moisture and temperature levels to avoid overdrying your clothes. 13 cycles and 5 temperature options offer versatility for a wide variety of fabrics