LG 3500W Shelf Stereo

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Weekly Price:
Weekly Price: $24.99
Monthly Price:
Monthly Price: $99.96
Cash Price:
Cash Price: $812.17
Term: 65 Weeks

Keep the party moving and dancing with the LG CJ98 3500W Shelf System. It has a range of DJ functions, so you can lay your own beats down over tracks and also stream music wirelessly from multiple Bluetooth devices. Remove the vocals from any song and have a karaoke competition. This hi fi system also plays CDs and media from USB connections. Enhance the voices of singers with vocal filters like Robot, Soprano and over a dozen others. 


LG CJ98 3500W Hi-Fi Shelf System:

  • Auto DJ
  • Bluetooth
  • Karaoke functionality
  • LED speaker lighting
  • DJ sharing
  • CD player
  • LG speakers have multiple dance lighting options
  • Over a dozen vocal effects to choose from

LG 3500W Shelf Stereo on sale in Clarksville, Madisonville, & Hopkinsville at Bolin Rental Purchase